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Sharon offers her service as an anointed, insightful, impactful and gifted Inspirational Speaker as well as an Certified Grief Counseling Specialist. As an Inspirational Speaker she has been called upon to address various issues that seek to enrich and empower the listeners. In recent years she has been a sought after speaking to facilitate workshops on grief and loss, that has resulted in the forward movement to healing and recovery. By sharing her experiences, wisdom, and knowledge attained as a spousal caregiver for her husband, a disabled veteran, has proven beneficial and helpful to many. Whether she is addressing a group or dispensing one-on-one advise, lives are helped, given hope and transformed. The last twelve years of their 45 year marriage changed drastically. In 2008 when her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and in 2015 Dementia, they began to "live in grief". Both diagnoses resulted from the exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam Conflict.

Below are just three of the workshops she has facilitated on Grief and Recovery the last one, only 8 months after her beloved Sterl's transitioning.

  • "Oneness of Mind Living with Loss"

  • "Steps to Leaving the Darkness and Coming Into the Light"

  • "Moving From Pain to Power" November, 2019


As a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist, Sharon's experience as a long-term spousal caregiver has enable her to give advise and share resources to those that seek advice from her. Sharon loves the one-on-one opportunities to share resources and knowledge with those that seek her out for HELP. Spousal and veteran caregivers holds a special place in her heart. She shares resources and helps them with coordination of care and benefits that are offered to them. 

While "living in" grief she often found herself saying "I need help." She was awakened out of sleep and the word HELP and its acronym (Hope Elevation Love and Power) came to her. Sharon is passionate about supporting spousal caregivers that are "living in "or have "lived through grief". The wisdom of her life experiences speaks clearly to the truth that we all need HELP on this journey of life. She trust that by sharing her truth as to how she was able to navigate and remain standing while "living in" and "through grief" will give HELP to others.