Sharon is a published author. "They Twain" Shall be One Flesh shares a journey of love that endured for forty-five years. Despite many obstacles that could have halted their journey early on, they endured. It shares how a couple lived in grief and loss for years. Sterls and Sharon's journey will help anyone that has suffered loss. Sharon writes from her perspective as a spouse that became a caregiver/spouse. 

Sterl served as a Medic in the U. S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam Conflict. From the day they were married 1974, PTSD was a constant stay.  In 2008 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease as a result of having exposure, to Agent Orange, which led to Dementia in 2015. She understands what it is like when a loved one has physical and mental changes that results in both "being here", but "no longer here". 
With HELP you can withstand and come through enlightened.
When she wanted to walk away, she was told by God to "stay" with a promise, that He would honor her. The process of grief is not easy. She is a witness that with the help of God, and available resources you will be able to cope and move forward to a better quality of life and recovery. There is HELP!

*The principles and wisdom lessons that are found in this book will give HELP to those that are; married, engaged, divorced or single.
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No one should seek their worn good, but the good of others. 1 Cor. 10:24