Sharon is a published author. "They Twain" Shall be One Flesh shares a journey of love that endured for forty-five years. Despite many obstacles that could have halted their journey early on, they endured. It shares how a couple lived in grief and loss for years. Sterls and Sharon's journey will help anyone that has suffered loss. Sharon writes from her perspective as a spouse that became a caregiver/spouse. 

Sterl served as a Medic in the U. S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam Conflict. From the day they were married 1974, PTSD was a constant stay.  In 2008 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease as a result of having exposure, to Agent Orange, which led to Dementia in 2015. She empathizes with loved ones that witness physical and mental changes in their loved-one resulting in "being here", but "no longer here". 
When she wanted to walk away, she was told by God to "stay" with a promise, that He would honor her.  She is a witness that with the help of God, and available resources you will be able to cope and move forward to a better quality of life and recovery. Promised fulfilled! God has honored her to give HopeElevationLove&Power to the grieving. Sharon has been empowered to serve God and to support those in her community that are hurting. 

*The principles and wisdom lessons that are shared in this book will give HELP to those that are; married, engaged, divorced or single.
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